What’s Your Bridal Love Language?

We all know that knowing your partners love language is a good idea. How about your bridal love language? We started wondering if we used the same principles of the 5 love languages to wedding planning would this help bridge the communication gap between what brides need and what they are getting from their partners and loved ones.

Keep reading to apply your love language to your planning experience.

If your love language is Words of Affirmation

You want to feel appreciated for all the work you have put into making this wedding truly yours. Talk to your fiance about acknowledging your efforts and how hard it is to maintain a full-time job while planning a wedding. Give examples of what they could say to make you feel seen.

If your love language is Physical Touch

Wedding planning can take over your life if you let it. Dial it back a bit and get back to basics. Make time to show affection to each other. This doesn’t mean it has to be purely sexual. Non-verbal affection shows that you care. Ask them to hold your hand regularly or give you a hug when you least expect it.

If your love language is Receiving Gifts

Gifts don’t always have to be roses and diamonds. They can also be a Chipotle burrito when you’re having a bad day. If receiving gifts is important to you, chat with your fiance about recognizing and celebrating small achievements with something thoughtful. It’s important to celebrate the little moments while wedding planning. You never know, these quiet little moments may end up being some of your favorite memories someday.

If your love language is Quality Time

When every week and weekend leading up to the wedding is go, go, go, you might want to talk to your fiance about scheduling-in a date night with no interruptions. Even if it’s just at home, doing something non-wedding related that is just pure fun can really be helpful in keeping your stress down and making you both feel loved.

If your love language is Acts of Service

Need help picking something up? Want your fiance to come with you somewhere you know they are going to hate? These are all examples of Acts of Service. If this is your love language, make a list with your fiance of things you need help with or would like for them to be involved in. In doing so, you’ll feel supported and loved.

Love languages can help couples know what’s important to the other. Often we forget that our partners may not feel exactly the same as we do about important things or maybe it just doesn’t occur to them to get you M&Ms at the supermarket when they know you love them. Knowing where you each stand and what makes you feel loved will not only help you through your wedding planning but also your life as a married couple.

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