A Chat with Miami Writes Co.

This week we’re chatting with the Miami Writes Co., South Florida’s modern calligraphy + design! If you’re looking for modern calligraphy with a hint of Miami, search no further. My gal, Kelsy of Miami Writes Co. is going to make all your wedding dreams come true with the most perfect wedding mirrors and seating charts you could ever dream of! Read on to learn more about Miami Writes Co. and don’t forget to enter our GIVEAWAY on Instagram where you could win a free month subscription to Smitten Co. and TWO items of your choice from Miami Writes Co.’s new bridal collection, Valencia + Co.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

I’m naturally someone who enjoys to keep busy, always driven to create, and business minded, thanks to my dad! He’s also a business owner and seeing him throughout the years rubbed off on me, driving me to build on an idea that was brought to me by my boyfriend and business partner, Chris Fiandor. The idea for Miami Writes Co. came about in February 2017 before becoming an Official business in August later that year. From love note to full blown operation, a little under 3 years in now, still working Full-Time, and continuing to juggle between tasks every day. Miami Writes Co. focuses on Modern Calligraphy and Design with a concentration in Weddings/ Events providing options to customize an array of pieces to fit every client’s needs. Aside from our custom work, we’ve launched various clothing collections including our Infamous Horoscope Tees, and our more recent Giving Back Tees, which allowed us to donate over $1,000 to the Emergency Response Fund at University of Miami Health/ Miller School of Medicine as a percentage of each sale was put towards the contribution.

How did you learn to do calligraphy?

The story behind it all was actually not expected but I am forever grateful, It was when I had created a scavenger hunt for my boyfriend on Valentines day in 2017, and he came across the notes which I had written them in a cursive-like style and he asked me where I had bought them. I had written them myself and he was astonished, that’s when he told me that I definitely had to do something with this writing. I took to it for hours on hours a day and started on sketchbooks, then canvases, then Social media really pushed me to expand my craft. When I discovered Wedding Mirrors and Seating Charts, I was drawn to it quickly but mastering a naturally curved style of writing to fit each mirrors dimensions symmetrically, was my biggest challenge and my biggest feat, because it’s molded me into a quicker and more efficient artist while preserving the quality of work.

You offer so many great items from welcome signs to placement cards. Do you have a favorite to create?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite item or material to work on, however, I genuinely enjoy working on seating charts for brides. Not only is it soothing, but I am blessed to work a lot on Large Oversized Mirrors or Acrylics so I have the chance to really create and cater to whatever ideas the bride has in mind. We hope to grow with the business and innovate new ways for brides to display seating charts, as well as, continue to grow in the wedding industry and learn for years to come.

Could you tell us a bit about your process?

Thankfully, We’ve managed to create our website to be the ideal hub and have links available for all sorts of inquiries so that the “process” isn’t much of a process after all. If you’re looking for Custom Calligraphy work for a Wedding, a Mirror rental and seating chart, or even one of our T shirts from our collections, Miamiwritesco.com has all these available tabs to suit each client or shoppers needs. When inquiries are received, they’re filtered to our email, we provide contracts, and we collect deposits for secure processes on both ends. We strive to stay active on our social media and love to interact with our followers, but as far as direct contact and quick responses, emails are our go-to.

What’s one way brides can use calligraphy in a unique way?

With weddings, there are so many intricate features that can play an important role in the Big Day so I’d have to say Signage/ Table Numbers. I like to use colorful Agates for table placements, chopped wood signage for table numbers, and can’t forget photobooth props!

We love unexpected guest sign-ins and seating charts. What’s one sign-in you love to work on?

When a Bride comes to me to honor the loss of a family member or just someone who unfortunately couldn’t be there to share in their special moment, I love being able to bring light to their wedding with special acrylic signs, table placements, or even adding to the mirrors. I like to sympathize and really get it right, especially when it’s a surprise for the bride.

How can brides include calligraphy in their big day when they have a limited budget?

I like to pride my business and company on being elegant but also attainable, It’s just my boyfriend and I, we don’t have this huge team or large extraordinary props. We have mirrors and signs that we do rent out for small fees, but for the most part, every bride and wedding is different and of course budgets do vary so we like to stay open and flexible to each client and offer ideas that would best fit their weddings, the last thing a bride wants is to stress financially when it comes to their special day.

How would you describe your style?

My style is always evolving as an artist but I’d categorize myself as Modern Calligraphy/ Design with some Miami flavor! We’re all about the tropical vibes, but when it comes to weddings, we like to provide sleek, elegant styles with hints of white, gold, and even the occasional black and rose gold. I’m also very open minded to new ideas and use digital media to stay up to date with all the trends, I like my style to be relevant and modern while I never shy away from the chance of creating classic vintage pieces.

Last question: What’s your #1 tip for 2020 and 2021 brides?

Of course this pandemic has impacted so many 2020 brides across the world and my tip to them would be that it’s okay to postpone and reschedule. A change of plans is devastating, but if conditions haven’t bettered wherever they planned to wed, it’s not a risk worth taking. As for 2021 brides, secure everything with time! There will likely be lots of weddings that will reschedule because of the crisis and you really don’t want to wait for the last minute after everything begins to fill. As for all future brides, we’d like to wish you all the best on your special days ahead and hopefully, you’d hire us to help!

Thanks so much for joining us, Kelsy! For more on Miami Writes Co., check out their Instagram, website, or their listing on Smitten Co.

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