A Chat with Erika Diaz

This week we’re chatting with the amazing, Erika Diaz! One look at Erika’s incredible photos and it’s easy to understand why they are so loved. Her images are beautiful, heartfelt, and always have the prettiest light. While she is based in Wisconsin, Erika has worked throughout South Florida and has been awarded The World’s Best Wedding Photography by Junebug Weddings for four years running as well as The Best of Weddings by The Knot. Need we say more? Read on to learn more about Erika.

Tell us a little about you and how you started working in weddings.

Hiiii! My name is Erika Diaz. I am an intimate wedding and elopement photographer located in Madison, Wisconsin but I travel everywhere for any couple in love. I am married to the most amazing man in the world and we have a little girl named Eden. Those two are my biggest inspiration!

I fell in love with wedding photography after seeing my brother’s wedding photographer work his magic and breaking the barriers of classical wedding photography. This was 11 years ago, which means that candid and lifestyle photography wasn’t a thing. I became obsessed with creating work with soul and energy and began pursuing it. After my own experience of looking for a wedding photographer, I realized there was a need in the wedding photography industry of what I personally was looking for. There were a lot of photographers creating beautiful images but lacking the personal connection I was looking for, someone who cared for us as people not just clients. I’d been working in retail as a manager while shooting part time but wasn’t until 2015 that I really took the leap to pursue full time wedding photography. I have now been shooting for seven years, 5 of them being full time.

We confess, we’re a little obsessed with your photography. Can you tell us about your process?

My passion for capturing love stems from my own love story. I truly believe that allowing my own fairytale to flow into my work has been my biggest catapult into creating imagery with meaning and connection. I crave a deep relationship with anybody I meet which is part of my entire experience. Taking the time to truly get to know my clients makes the biggest difference when I shoot. I love understanding who they are as individuals and as a couple, watching them interact with each other, asking personal questions that will help me dive deeper into my creativity to bring about imagery that speaks of who they are and allowing them to connect.




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This is one of our all-time favorite photos. Could you tell us how it came together?

I love looking for crave-worthy light. This image in particular was created in collaboration with my couple! Matt and Jenna, trusted me from the beginning and were willing to walk anywhere or do anything which is always sooo awesome. This was created at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami during golden hour right after their ceremony, we were just walking and talking about how excited they were that they were finally married and i just saw this pocket of sweet, golden light perfectly hitting this luscious green space and i just asked them to walk towards it, face each other and share a gently kiss while thinking of the commitment they had just made to each other and BAM! Magic was made <3

What’s a typical wedding day look like for you?

Typical wedding day is full of nerves and expectation! I always prepare for a wedding the night before so that way I can completely focus on being rested and spending some time with my little family. I create a timeline with all my couples a month before the wedding to ensure every hour is spent capturing every single moment and detail. Each timeline is catered to every couple based on the hours they have me for.

What are some details you love to photograph?

Well, there are two types of details I love to photograph.

1. Interpersonal Details during a session: These are those unnoticed moments that reflect each couple. It can be a close up of kiss on the shoulder, a gentle cheek caress and what the gesture of the hands, it can be a simple in-between moment where they thought they weren’t being photographed… I love those details because they tell their story in a genuine way.
2. Brides details: Invitation suite, keepsakes, perfume, dress, shoes, rings, flowers, jewelry and hair pieces! I love, love creating aesthetically pleasing layflats that speak about the brides personality!

What’s your #1 tip to brides to feel in the moment on their wedding day?

– Don’t focus on things having to be perfect. Having a state of mind of relaxation and going with the flow will help you remember why you’re even doing what you’re doing. YOU’RE MARRYING YOUR BEST FRIEND. You’re celebrating your love and commitment and that is ultimately what matters.
– Surround yourself with people that have a heart to serve you and be part of your team! I have seen time and time again brides and grooms stressed out during their getting ready because of negative attitudes from people they allowed in that space. It doesn’t matter if its’ a relative or a friend, if they’re not there to put you first then they shouldn’t be there at all. Just have them meet you at the ceremony! It is your day!- It’s all about you guys. What you both want and dream! Have fun!

Who’s your dream couple?

My bold and funky couples are a mix of edgy and boho, laid back and quirky, they know who they are and they embrace their contradictions. They are looking for a deep and meaningful connection with their photographer in order to create Genuine emotion, crave-worthy love and pure magic.

My collections begin at $3,500.

Thanks so much for joining us, Erika! For more on Erika Diaz Photography, check out her Instagram, website, or her listing on Smitten Co.

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