How to Create a Beautiful Marriage

Often times, we get so caught up in wedding planning that we forget an even more important part of the processbecoming husband and wife. As most of us are now social distancing, it is now the perfect time to get clear on some important issues for the future.

Chatting about a range of issues may seem trivial or could be things you might have already discussed in passing, but taking the time to really understand where you each stand on the important topics is so vital for the future success of your marriage. Knowing your fiancé’s answers to these important questions will make you feel even more connected. We promise.

Below are some questions to get you started.

Marriage + Kids

Do you have any issues that we can work on? Trust? Insecurities?

How will we make decisions together in the future?

If we have issues in the future, are you open to counseling?

How much time alone do you need? How can I best be respectful of that?

What are some hobbies or things that are non-negotiable? How much do I need to be involved?

What boundaries do we have in terms of dealing with new opposite-sex people?

How will we spend our free time?

How often will we travel?

Where would you like to travel?

How important is establishing our careers?

How will we prioritize our kids and careers?

How will we deal with each other when one or both of us are angry?

Do you have any expectations for me to change? How will you handle it if I do?

How will we grow together as a couple?

What are some ways you can apologize? What are some ways you should NEVER apologize? Example: Buying gifts, sending flowers, heart-to-hearts

How will we consider each other’s goals and ideas?

What does the perfect weekday evening look like to you?

What does the perfect weekend look like to you?

How will we handle our faith or spirituality? If different faiths, how will we respect each other’s beliefs and support one another?

If religious, which religion will we give to our kids?

How important is it to keep up our physical appearance?

How will we balance the holidays?

How will we make the holidays special and memorable for us (not including our family)?

What traditions are important to you? What traditions can we start as a new family?

How would you discipline our kids? What is acceptable and unacceptable?

Would you put our kids in private or public schools?

If we can’t have kids, would you be willing to adopt?

How would you communicate if you weren’t getting what you need sexually?

How can I be better at communicating with you?

What do you feel is my role as your future spouse? What expectations do you have?

What would you do if you felt yourself falling out of love? How would we reconnect?

What would you like to be doing in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

What kind of grandparents do you envision us being?

Who’s going to do most of the daily cooking?

What is your biggest fear about getting married?

Family + Friends

What role will our family play in our life?

What role will our friends play in our life?

What about your parent’s relationships did you love? What did you dislike? How can we be better?

How involved do we want our parents in our parenting?

If there’s a disagreement between me and your family, whose side would you choose?

How often is it ok for my family to visit? How often is it ok for your family to visit?

Are unannounced visits acceptable? If not, how will we handle them?

If your parents became sick, who would take care of them?

If my parents became sick, would you mind if I took care of them?

Would it be acceptable for our parents to ever live with us due to illness, etc?


How will we handle any debt?

How will we handle the mortgage?

How can we have shared finances while still maintaining my independence (i.e. a shared account with a certain amount separated into private accounts each month, separate accounts with a certain amount going into to the main for bills, or just one main account)

What are some of your financial goals?

What are your views on saving?

What are your views on spending?

What if someone we know wants to borrow money? How will we handle that? Who are we willing and unwilling to lend money to?

Who will take care of the financial matters of the household?

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