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This week we’re chatting with the South Florida Wedding Photographer, Rosie Zachritz! Rosie and Charles are a dynamic husband and wife photo team that truly know how to capture the most beautiful wedding day photos. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary photographer to capture timeless portraits or a videographer to to help you relive your big day, this team will always go above and beyond for you. Read on to learn more about Dolce Photos + Film (Smitten Members: watch out for our email with special Smitten offer from Dolce Photos + Film!).

Tell us a little about Dolce Photos.

Hello! Thank you so much for asking us to be a part of Smitten Co., we’re honored! We’re Rosie & Charles, a husband and wife photo and film duo that has devoted a decade of our lives to capturing wedding days full time.  We love LOVE and are so honored to have documented over 500 weddings of all faiths, cultures, sizes, and ethnicity. Whether it’s being a bow-tie ninja, or mastering the art of that stunning gown that has buttons no one else can figure out, we’re there for our couples 150%! We capture wedding days through our experienced eyes and our enormous hearts, because we absolutely love what we do and we want each of our couples to enjoy their day the way they should!

Your photography is so timeless. What do you think sets Dolce Photos apart?

Thank you! We do strive to have a classic, romantic style that blends elegant editorial portraiture with candid captures effortlessly. Fads and editing styles are ever changing in the world of photography but we stand behind our brand. We truly feel it’s always been best for us to keep an elegant, romantic, modern approach to weddings…that perfect combo of traditional with a modern twist. Since 2010, we’ve been known to describe our style as modern enough for today’s couples and classic enough for their parents, too. We believe that our experience, the relationships we have with our clients, and our effortless, timeless style sets us apart. We like to get to know our couples so the day flows easily for them, they know they’re in good hands, and they can look and feel like a model and party like a rock star.

What’s one thing you recommend a nervous bride do day-of?

I’m sure they’ll all sound cliche but I always tell my brides three things on a wedding day if they ever seem like they need a breather. I’m a mom to two girls and I can’t help but swoop in to help whenever I see the opportunity. I’ve been known to help when there’s no wedding coordinator and someone needs a wedding insider.
1. I’m here for you, tell me what you need! I will personally do whatever needs to be done to ensure a bride’s happiness and peace of mind on a wedding day. Many of my weddings occur without wedding planners and more often than not, I find myself putting out fires throughout the day so that my couples don’t have to worry about a thing. We’re much more than the people with cameras and that’s we don’t mind at all. Charles and I truly love any time we can lend a helping hand or offer advice. Weddings are kind of our thing: we know them well and we love them!
2. Smell your bouquet. There are few things more satisfying than quietly shoving your nose into a bouquet of delicious smelling florals. It’ll center you, make you close your eyes even if just for a second, and is guaranteed to make you smile.
3. Take a moment. In fact, take as many as you’d like. I’ll always suggest that my couple do something simple like hold hands at some point during dinner, take a glance at the room and realize that each and every person in that room is there because of their love. Everyone is celebrating the incredible and beautiful fact that they’ve found each other. and vowed to love one another forever.

You also do video. Could you tell us a little about your offerings?

Yes! Charles (my husband) is our company’s Filmmaker! He has over 20 years of education and experience in cinema! Our philosophy for our films is simple: capture the raw emotions, real moments, and pure joy in an unobtrusive way. We work together seamlessly on a wedding day, making sure that your photos and films are consistent. Charles personally captures and edits your film to ensure you receive the consistency you expect and the quality you deserve. Your wedding is a reflection of you, and your wedding film should be too.

What’s are some details you love to photograph?

I think details are so important, they’re the elements that make a wedding unique to the couple! Details come in all sizes and varieties. While I love things like sparkly rings, lush floral arrangements, and a designer gown, some of my favorite details are hands being held, the soft moment before lips touch, the involuntary smiles that come across faces when people in love are near each other, and the tears of joy and happiness streaming down faces during a ceremony.

What’s a typical wedding day look like for you?

Is there where I get to admit that the professional gets butterflies on wedding day too? Wedding days are so exciting and even after 11 years of weddings each and every weekend of the year, it doesn’t “get old” for us. We let a wedding day unfold naturally, giving guidance and direction only when needed and never making our couples pose for photos they simply aren’t interested in. The only parts of a wedding day we’ll gently direct are portraits, which we capture as quickly and efficiently as possible so that everyone can get back to what matters most – celebrating the beauty of love.
On a typical wedding day, we’ll arrive to the couple’s getting ready location(s), move seamlessly into a first look & couple’s portraits (if the couple has chosen to have one) or assist the guys and gals in their staggered transfer to the ceremony (so that no one crosses paths accidentally of course), we’ll then be the most awesome expert flies on the wall at their beautiful ceremony, direct and guide all family members and bridal party for formal photos following the ceremony (in an organized and very type-A fashion, because I want everyone to enjoy cocktail hour)! While guests are in full merriment mode, Charles and I then head into the reception space where we get a few minutes  to creatively capture all those drool worthy detail shots of the items the couple has chosen to set the stage for the most awesome party they’ve ever hosted. Shortly after enjoying some downtime, the couple might then come join the reception space before guests enter for a room reveal (yep, you guessed it…all the oooohs and aaaahs galore)! It’s a great time to take a few quick photos in the reception space amongst beautiful flowers and candlelight. Bonus, it’s also an awesome time to privately practice your first dance! After that, guests enter, the MC takes over, and the celebration has begun. Cue the music, romantic ambiance, dinner enjoyed, toasts are given, special dances are had with loved ones, and cake is served! After cake, sometimes the party shifts into a full on dance-off and we’re always in the middle of it capturing the fun. We like to not to disturb our couples or their guests so that everyone can enjoy themselves and feel completely comfortable. At the end of our night, we always leave our couples with well wishes, a huge smile, and gigantic hug goodnight!

What’s your #1 tip to brides looking for their wedding day photographer?

Oh goodness, this one is tough. There’s so much to consider! I truly believe the following things matter most: Experience, Style, and Personality. First and foremost, you get what you pay for. Let me repeat that because while it’s “eye-roll inducing” it’s also very important that brides understand that this industry is saturated with photographers, not professional photographers. There’s a big difference! Hiring an experienced professional photographer is crucial. You would never want your wedding to be subject to amateur mistakes and you also want a photographer who will be able to speak to family and friends professionally. Then there’s the photographer’s work style, which should match what you’re looking for. You should see their work and envision yourself in it. Coming to a photographer and saying “I like your prices but I like XYZ Photography’s photos better” is a good indication that you should be looking elsewhere. Photography should thrill you and almost mesmerize you once you fall in love with the work. If you aren’t in love with the photographer’s work, you’ll always be sorry you didn’t hire the one whose work you were head over heels for. Lastly, personality. Your photography team is going to be spending more time by your side on wedding day than any other vendor, if you don’t vibe with their personalities, chances are you’re not going to want them buzzing around you on your wedding day. Does this mean you need to have 3 hour meetings with every photographer you’re interested in? Absolutely not! Give their website a good read through and take a look at their Instagram account… if you’re feeling a connection and are excited about contacting them, that’s the first indication that photographer should be on your short list!

What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

OH SO MANY!!! In all seriousness, my personal favorite moment has to be when my couple has just been pronounced married, had their first kiss, and walks toward me down the center of the aisle hand in hand simply OVERJOYED. Being there for the happiest moment of someone’s life is incredible, being the one to capture that moment forever is an honor.

Thanks so much for joining us, Rosie! For more on Dolce Photo + Film, check out their Instagram, website, or their listing on Smitten Co. Smitten Members: Watch out for our email with an extra special offer from Dolce Photos + Film!

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