Ask a Certified Wedding Planner all your bridal questions! Not sure where to start? Ask! Don’t know where to get something done? Ask! Saw something you love on Pinterest, but don’t know who to call locally to have it done? Ask!

Based on your level of membership, you will receive either 3, 4, or 5 questions every month. You can ask these questions however you choose – once a week, every 2 weeks, or all once! While we won’t physically go with you to appointments, we will make personal recommendations based on your budget and needs.

Members also receive 1,3, or 4 personal planning sessions with their dedicated wedding planner to help keep you on track and help you create the wedding of your dreams.

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We’ve gone ahead and given you access to our preferred vendor list of over 450 venues and vendors throughout South Florida! All vendors are vetted and respected. We’ve also gone ahead and provided everything from brochures and menus to pricing information (if available). You can also contact vendors directly through the sidebar contact form. No more searching through a hundred different empty listings without really knowing if planners would actually use these vendors or not. Many venues have pricing, menus, brochures, and videos available so no waiting around for responses either!


Smitten Co. also offers weekly bridal articles based on South Florida’s bridal community to help you during your bridal journey. You can also join our exclusive bridal community through Instagram and Pinterest. As a member, you will receive a monthly recap of everything we’ve been up to on social media, a roundup of our favorite bridal links from around the web, as well as answers to your fellow member’s questions! Perhaps one of the answers we have provided might help you and you’ll save yourself a monthly question!  We want to provide you with the help you need and create a supportive local bridal community.


Members receive discounted pricing on a-la-carte services from consultations to bridal shower help to design services. Pick and choose what you need help with and create your own package. Our services are completely optional, but here for you, if you need us! We also have a shop full of affordable bridal items you might love!